Years of experience have taught us to ask the right questions when quoting for any particular project. By considering the look you’re trying to create aligned with your budget and our lead times, our team is here to understand the core problem you’re trying to solve, sourcing options that are right for you.

We are commercially minded people with over 40 years experience in the Australian market and trend hunting is our passion. Combining manufacturers and suppliers, we deal with over 150 partners Australia wide and overseas, reason why we have the confidence to not only build brand new furniture to specs, but to recommend styles and partners you can work with in order to achieve the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Our vast network of partners allows us to offer a wide range of furniture, from entry level off the shelf pieces, to exclusive high-end custom designs, made to order by our local manufacturers. If you’re working on a project and you could use some help from our specialists, please get in touch today.