SALE: You wouldn't want to miss out on our clearance sale, would you?

Not long to go until the end of our 2017 sale, don't miss out! Sale ends 28th Feb.

Many of our clients have already benefitted from our 2017 sale, where we're giving away discounts on pretty much all our imported and Australian made ranges.

From brand new Australian made timber furniture with 10% off to floor stock bits and pieces reduced up to 70%, there's a lot we need to clear. The new year has brought us loads of inspiration to keep moving towards Australian made creation and we've been working together with a few great minds to build on that. And to start bringing in our new concepts and ideas, we need space in our showroom.

If you haven't visited our sales catalogue yet, go for it! Otherwise have a scroll down and we'll go through a few hot items reduced to even hotter prices. 



Australian Made Gero ETU by Dellis Furniture
The Gero Entertainment Unit in American Oak is being cleared for $2625 (was $3745 = 30%off)


Australian Made Bedside by Dellis Furniture
The Downtown Bedside Tables in American Oak are being cleared for $766.50 each (were $1095 each = 30%off)


The Lotus Loose Cover Sofa is being cleared for $2345 
(was $3345 = 30%off)

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